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Before Summer

8 part series for television

When the wife of a prominent community member goes missing, the coastal hamlet of Deep Hill is thrown into chaos, as dark secrets are unearthed – reverberating all the way to the highest office in the land.

When Anna Lambert goes missing the beautiful coastal hamlet of Deep Hill is thrown into chaos, as the town’s dark secrets are unearthed. Anna’s husband Jim – a Justice of the Federal Court on the rise – seems at a loss as to her whereabouts, while Anna’s teenage daughter Sarah has special need for her mum right now as she is pregnant to a local boy. Local Australian Chinese detective Frances Dwyer – dealing with the spectre of family madness – must find a way to collaborate with city cop Alan Foster as they uncover a paedophile ring lurking in coastal paradise. The truth – when finally revealed, that much loved Jim Lambert, killed his wife in anger, will reverberate in the highest office in the land, and change Deep Hill forever.

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