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Worlds Greatest Martini

Drama/ Comedy feature film - 100 minutes

KW Films and Small Cow productions

Drag Mumma - one family, two worlds, a whole lot of party.

It’s been ten years since Helen saw her son, Martin. Now she’s a widow and needs to reconnect. She searches high and low until a tip-off leads her to a website for Martini Rocks and some upcoming auditions for a Drag Queen Christmas extravaganza.

Helen is a very conservative woman whose greatest love is singing at her church’s socials. And her husband would spin in his grave if he saw his son in four inch heels and five foot hair. But Helen needs to know Martin is well and happy.

Then her daughter drops a bombshell: she has kept in touch with Martin and he absolutely wants things left the way they are - there’s no need for the past and the present to meet.

Helen goes to the cattle call. And Martin is there as Martini: a stunning, glamorous, charismatic drag queen. And completely unreachable.

All Helen wants to do is make sure he’s happy. To find out something about his life.

Maybe she could try just a little disguise, perhaps wear what they wear, turn up to one of the auditions, just the once, just to chat with Martin and make sure he’s fine...

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