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When a troubled young woman returns to the country town of her upbringing, she discovers her former home in the grip of a terrifying witchcraft brought upon by her dead mother.

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In 1955 a small group of missionaries made worldwide history when they took on the task of helping the struggling Australian basketball team prepare for the Olympic Games. What unfolded was an electrifying story of sport, spirit, trials, faith and the unification of a nation!


A heart-warming story, Surviving Georgia examines the effects of abandonment, when in their late teens their only parent, Georgia leaves them for a better life. It is twelve years later and she has

re-entered the lives of Heidi and Rose.


Susan's given up on men. Stephen's given up on life. Elizabeth's given up on marriage. Only seventeen-year old Emily believes that they have got it in them to change. And she needs them to.


DEEPER THAN BLUE is a dramatic comedy about hope, recovery and change. An ensemble of funny yet sad characters come to life in a bitterly honest way.

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When a interstellar traveller falls to earth in a seaside town mayhem follows. He is only here to help but finds his way of helping causes more trouble.

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