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In Development

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Drama/ Comedy

Feature Film 100 minutes

Director - John Sheedy (H is for Happiness)

Helen, wanting to rebuild her family after the death of her husband, will do all she can to track down her son and reconnect with him, even if it means posing as a drag queen to be near him. This wonderful gem of a film reveals what truth means in families as it weaves its way through the snarky barbs, high-kicks, and outrageous comedy of Australia’s joyous drag community.

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Psychological thriller

Feature film 100 minutes

Josh is an ageing journalist past his prime but determined to uncover the truth about the Wolf of Rostov. “The Wolf” is one of the last remaining Nazis living amongst us, anonymously, in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne.

A man in mourning moves into a new house hoping to move on. In an attempt to ease his pain, he turns to online dating - not realising that he is making contact with the deceased former inhabitant of his home,  bent on moving back in at whatever the cost.

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Feature Film 100 minutes

Daughters of Blackwood
Witches of Blackwood-2.png

Supernatural Horror

Anglican priest Frank O’Connell arrives in Blackwood, a small rural town in Victoria, to rid it of an ancient and powerful demonic presence. When he is defeated his teenage daughter, Laurel has no choice but to step in to save herself and the women of the town.

Witches of Blackwood-3.png

Short Film 

Locked away by her devoutly religious grandparents, pregnant 15-year-old Phaedra delivers a child who brings both terror and salvation from the grave.

When the wife of a prominent community member goes missing, the coastal hamlet of Deep Hill is thrown into chaos, as dark secrets are unearthed – reverberating all the way to the highest office in the land.


8 Part television series

A Dysfunctional family comedy


Family Comedy

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