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Love Adjacent

Enemies to Lovers Romance Feature film - 100 minutes

An enemies-to-lovers gourmet tree-change romance.

After his life implodes in Chicago, Australian-born super-chef Chris McAdams retreats to his sister’s picturesque vineyard back home to reassess his life. He tries to get back to his roots and opens a gourmet pie truck under an alias, but Maggie Cramer, the food critic who destroyed Chris’s career, happens to be in town for her own sister’s wedding. After he publicly humiliated her back in Chicago, she’s determined to take down what he’s serving up. That is, until catastrophe strikes and Maggie desperately needs Chris's help to make her sister’s wedding happen...

Love Adjacent is a story of two lost souls who find themselves through each other. Set against a backdrop of ocean and wineries on the stunning Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia Love Adjacent is honest and funny and features some of the most delicious food ever served up in a film.

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